McDonald’s Accused of Wage Theft

McDonald’s franchises in three states are being accused of wage theft as thousands of minimum-wage employees are forced to work off the clock, forgo overtime, and allow hours to be taken off of their time cards. While current legal action is only being taken in California, Michigan, and New York, critics of the company and its employment practices suggest these problems are endemic.

Issues regarding wages and hours are increasingly common and, as more people enter into lower-paying jobs, look to remain steadily on course. This does not make them okay. When you are cheated out of your wages or forced to deal with unfair and unethical employment practices, you need an aggressive attorney on your side.

We can Help

The West Virginia employment law attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore are entirely devoted to helping victims of unfair employment practices get justice. With deep roots in the Fayetteville and Beckley communities, we understand the unique needs of people in our region and are willing to fight tirelessly against unscrupulous corporations who seek to bolster their bottom line by stealing from their workers.
Not all employment disputes are legal issues, but many of them are. If you feel you are being cheated or otherwise treated unfairly, we would be happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss your needs, your rights, and the most effective course of action.

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