Sleep Deprived Truckers

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a trucking accident that killed one other passenger on June 7, 2014. The driver of the truck had, allegedly, been driving for several straight hours and not slept for over a day.

While this accident has made national headlines, the truth is fatigued truckers injure or kill thousands of people every year – which is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented new rules regarding drive hours and rest times in 2013.

Following a powerful lobbying effort from the trucking industry, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to suspend these new regulations until more research on trucker fatigue has been completed. This ruling ignores decades of research from the National Safety Council, the Department of Transportation, and numerous other state, federal, and educational organizations – all of whom have found truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of truck accidents.

While the Senate Appropriations Committee may be influenced by the lobbying efforts of the trucking industry, the West Virginia truck accident attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore are not. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a sleepy trucker, we are here to take your case and fight for your rights, helping you secure the maximum compensation you are due.

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