Johnson & Johnson Required to Pay $4.69 Billion in Product Liability Case

A jury recently awarded 22 women $4.69 billion in a highly publicized product liability case involving the company’s talcum powder products. The women, all of whom suffered from ovarian cancer, claimed that the company’s talcum powder, which was used as a part of their daily hygiene routines, was the cause of the disease. The award, which consisted of $4.14 billion in punitive damages and $550 million in compensatory damages, is the largest ever against the company.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Despite the verdict, the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer has yet to be proven decisively. The issue originally surfaced in the early 1970s, when scientists discovered talc particles embedded in ovarian tumor tissue. However, studies since this initial discovery have varied in their findings, with some demonstrating an elevated risk in women who use the product for a prolonged period of time and others finding no connection between the product and ailment.

The Trial

At trial, the lead counsel for the women claimed that Johnson & Johnson had covered up evidence of asbestos in its products for decades. In addition, the attorney for the women argued that the company’s talcum products should be removed from stores or, at a minimum, carry a label warning of cancer risks. In a statement issued after the verdict, the attorney expressed hope that Johnson & Johnson would inform both the medical community and the general public about the alleged connection between the substances used in its products and certain types of cancers.

The company, however, claimed that no warning is necessary because there is no link between their products and ovarian cancer. Specifically, Johnson & Johnson stated after the verdict that it is confident its products contain no asbestos and don’t cause ovarian cancer. In addition, the company stated that it plans to appeal the verdict. In expressing confidence at its chances of a successful appeal, attorneys for Johnson & Johnson cited multiple errors by the trial court and noted its previous success in appealing trial court decisions.

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