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Factory injury in West Virginia

West Virginia factory and warehouse workers are often subject to dangerous working conditions and environments with greater risks than the average person faces. The West Virginia labor lawyer at Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC represent workers who have been injured on the job as a result of an employer’s or equipment manufacturer’s failure to follow safety standards. Our team has helped a number of workers in Fayetteville, Beckley and throughout West Virginia who suffered from a warehouse or factory injury.

Factory and warehouse workplaces can contain many potentially dangerous hazards, including:

  • The use of oversized machinery
  • Sharp or heavy equipment
  • Fast-moving parts
  • Unsafe or defective tools
  • Toxic chemicals and fumes
  • Repetitive tasks that stress and strain the back and arms
  • Extremely hot temperatures
  • Height dangers
  • Inadequate training
  • Forklift malfunction
  • Poor equipment maintenance
  • Heavy or awkward lifting
  • Our Attorneys Fight for Substantial Compensation

Often, Workers’ Compensation benefits are simply not enough. The workplace injury attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC stand up for injury victims who feel an employer or third party is to blame for their accident. If an employer cuts corners and you end up injured because of it, the employer may be held legally (and financially) responsible for the accident. (For instance, an employer who failed to follow government-mandated safety standards or skipped a required risk assessment may be held accountable.)

With the right legal guidance, you may be entitled to collect money for current and future medical bills, pain, and suffering lost income, loss of future earnings, and others. For victims who are unable to return to the same profession due to a permanent disability, funds may also be collected for job retraining education and related expenses.

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