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Nursing abuse is a seldom-talked-about problem that is a part of life for some nursing home residents. At Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC, our experienced Beckley and Fayetteville personal injury lawyers are dedicated to saving mentally and physically abused elderly persons from violent or manipulative nursing home staff members.

The Ugly Truth about Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of abuse or neglect can include obvious physical harm (bruises, bedsores, cuts), as well as more subtle things like changes in medication, denial of food and water (weight loss or dehydration), and social withdrawal or changes in mood. Abusers bank on the fact that fear and intimidation will keep residents from telling family members. Elaborate cover-up schemes may include the hiring of unqualified persons, failure to do background checks, and other disregard for facility policy. Abusive staff members may make threats to keep abused residents from talking or make up stories about changes in residents’ habits or physical health. If the knowledge of abuse goes all the way to the nursing home director, it can be difficult to get straight answers or cooperation from the facility. That is why it is so crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorneys on your side.

Putting a Stop to Mental and Physical Abuse

As a nursing home injury law firm, our first priority is to first get your family member out of harm’s way. If you are under contract with a facility and you suspect abuse, we can help you avoid the financial consequences of removing a resident. Also, we can spearhead an investigation into the facility, pull up any past claims of abuse or neglect, and talk to anyone who might be able to help your case. We are prepared to go to court, using strategic trial tactics to ensure your family gets the full amount of compensation you deserve. Large nursing home companies have expensive lawyers working for them, but we are backed by strong community resources and a winning trial record.

West Virginia personal injury lawyer, Greg Hewitt and personal injury attorney, Anthony Salvatore have strong goals with nursing home abuse cases: to ensure that mistreatment is punished, to hold abusers accountable in the eyes of the law, and to see that victims are financially compensated for the harm they endured.

If you suspect abuse, visit the Web site of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Children and Families, to learn how you can report the illegal action. Then, contact our experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyers.

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