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Man suffering from back pain becase of a back injury suffered in an accident in West Virginia

Back injuries can cause crippling damage to the body, with serious consequences that include immobilization. We take a special interest in severe injury cases, such as victims of back injury, because we recognize the dire need for legal assistance. Our West Virginia personal injury attorneys understand what these families go through and know how to use the law to get results. At Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC, our dependable, aggressive lawyers help paraplegic and quadriplegic accident victims that are in desperate need of funds to meet the rising cost of medical care.

Back Injury and Quality of Life

Back injuries can manifest in a variety of ways that limit a person’s range of motion, including chronic pain, bulging or herniated discs, back fusion surgery, lumbar sprains, and more. Spinal cord injuries as a result of impact to the back can put a person in a wheelchair for life. Suddenly, everyday tasks become challenging. Returning to work seems impossible, and your family is wondering where the money will come from for treatment. Surgeries, traction therapy, and mobility equipment can get expensive – but with the help of our dedicated attorneys, you may be able to recover the total cost of your medical bills.

Tell Us Your Accident Story

Our West Virginia accident lawyers have handled a wide range of back injury cases, including those involving auto accidents, truck accidents, on-the-job injuries, nursing home abuse, and many other types of accidents. If we feel you have a strong case against the person or company responsible for your back injury, our team will get to work right away to see that you are fairly compensated. We have worked with many Fayetteville and Beckley families, and we would be happy to help you get financial peace-of-mind during such a difficult time.

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