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When Is the Best Time to Settle Your Personal Injury Case and What Are Your Options?

It can be easy to become discouraged while waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to resolve. Since your injury, your life may have become a series of doctor appointments, attorney meetings, and waiting. 

You might be wondering if your patience is worth it, and you may be curious about when it will be the right time to settle your case so the process can end.

You can settle your case quickly, but that normally means taking less money. It’s important to consider what you may be giving up. Before you accept a quick settlement, remember there can be reasons why your personal injury case seems to be taking so long.

Why Personal Injury Cases Seem Slow

There are three main reasons that a personal injury claim might take a long time:

  • There are difficult legal or factual issues
  • The case involves a large amount of money
  • You have not reached a place of maximum medical improvement

If any of these situations apply to your case, it could take a long time to come to an agreement. In order to ensure you receive a maximum settlement, don’t let your pain and suffering push you to take a settlement offer that is smaller than you deserve.

Personal Injury Cases Take Time

It’s important not to rush the process in a personal injury case. The at-fault person and their insurance company need time to see the magnitude of your loss. In order for this to be adequately illustrated for them, your attorney needs time to put together a compelling case. Having patience often works to your benefit.

Settling for a Smaller Amount

There can be times when you recognize you can get more money from your case if you’re patient, but you need the money now. How do you know how much to settle for?

There are no rules about short settlements. A settlement offer from an insurance company may be only 30 to 40% of what you might be offered the night before a trial starts. If you are considering settling your case quickly without a long litigation process, you should talk to your personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of Accepting a Settlement Offer

You can expect that both parties will have differing opinions on the number of damages the victim deserves. There’s no guarantee you’ll win your case if you go to trial, regardless of attorney experience, medical expertise, and witness testimony. 

Additionally, pushing a case to trial will prolong the process and delay the support you may need to pay medical bills and other costs.

Trials can also bring the possibility for an appeal. This will prolong your case, potentially for years. With a trial, there’s also a risk that you won’t receive the verdict and award you really deserve. Hewitt & Salvatore can help you take the right steps when a settlement is offered.

Maximize Your Financial Recovery

No one understands your needs quite like you. That’s why you need to be transparent with your attorney. Although they may have extensive experience in personal injury cases, they can only really know what you tell them about your case and your needs.

If you feel stuck between waiting for a larger settlement and the need to have money right away, your attorney can help you make the best decision possible. 

Every personal injury case is unique: no case is quite like yours. But you can use the wisdom of an attorney who has settled cases in the past to your advantage. Getting in touch with a good lawyer is the best way to maximize your damages, even if you choose to settle quickly.