Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: When to Take Legal Action

Nursing home abuse and neglect is common in West Virginia. Unfortunately, however, residents and their families are sometimes unclear of what constitutes abuse and neglect, leaving them reluctant to take legal action against abusive nursing homes. If you believe a loved one may be a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, please review the following common reasons to take legal action against a nursing home in West Virginia. For additional assistance, please contact a West Virginia nursing home abuse and neglect attorney as soon as possible. 

Reasons to take legal action against a West Virginia nursing home 

Financial abuse – Unfortunately, nursing homes and nursing home personnel in West Virginia sometimes take financial advantage of nursing home residents. Common types of nursing home financial abuse in West Virginia include: 

  • Theft from residents
  • Cashing residents’ checks without authorization
  • Forging residents’ signatures
  • Making residents sign legal documents that they don’t understand

Poor medical treatment – When a resident of a nursing home needs medical treatment, the nursing home must arrange for appropriate care. When a nursing home fails to arrange for appropriate medical care, the resident’s family can file a lawsuit for financial compensation.

Negligence during the hiring process – Due to the high level of care required of nursing home residents, nursing homes are held to a high standard when staffing their facilities. When a nursing home hires unqualified employees or fails to maintain adequate staff numbers, residents often become victims of abuse and neglect. 

Negligent supervision – When a nursing home fails to supervise residents, bad things can happen. For example, falls are often the result of negligent supervision, and any time a resident suffers a fall, serious injuries can occur. 

Unclean conditions – Nursing home residents are often unable to maintain appropriate levels of cleanliness and hygiene. When a nursing home fails to ensure that clean conditions are maintained for its residents, their safety and health is jeopardized. 

West Virginia Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

If you believe that a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, you need an experienced  West Virginia nursing home abuse and neglect attorney on your side. At Hewitt & Salvatore, we believe that nursing homes who abuse and neglect their residents must be held accountable. When you hire us to represent you in your West Virginia nursing home abuse and neglect case, we will get your family member out of harm’s way while using our litigation and negotiation skills to help you and your loved one obtain the compensation you deserve. Our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys, Greg Hewitt and Anthony Salvatore, will work hard to ensure that the nursing home is punished, all abusers are held legally accountable, and your loved one is financially compensated for the harm he or she has endured. Please contact us as soon as possible for a consultation.