Are West Virginia’s Anti-Texting Laws Working?

West Virginia banned texting while driving in 2012, making it the 36th state to pass legislation in an attempt to curb auto accidents caused by distracted driving. However, a new study from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin suggests that texting bans passed after 2008 have been largely ineffective.

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How Effective are Texting Bans?

In this new study, researchers found that accidents caused by distracted driving go down as soon as a texting law is passed. But, over time, people return to their old habits and accidents increase.

In West Virginia, the maximum penalty for texting while driving is a paltry $10, hardly a deterrent in the first place, made more ineffective by the late passing of the ban. The study found that states that enacted texting bans early on had the longest-term success in reducing serious and fatal car accidents.

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