Drivers on a dangerous rural road in bad weather conditions.

West Virginia Among Most Dangerous States for Drivers

West Virginia drivers recently received some bad news. A new study named West Virginia as one of the most dangerous states in the U.S. for drivers. Specifically, West Virginia ranked eighth out of all U.S. states. Below is an overview of some of the study’s more interesting findings. 

Rural roads are partially to blame

Interestingly, the study not only named West Virginia as one of the most dangerous states for drivers, but it blamed the state’s large number of rural and country roads on the high ranking. Most people tend to assume that back roads are less populated and safer than highways and major roadways. However, rural roads tend to lack the same level of law enforcement presence as city streets. This often results in higher instances of reckless, negligent, and drunk driving, leading to more car accidents. 

Speed limits tend to be higher or unposted

The study also attributed West Virginia’s high accident rate to the fact that rural roads tend to have high or unposted speed limits. In addition, rural roads tend to have limited lighting, and animals are more likely to cause accidents on less populated roads. Rural roads also typically lack shoulders that allow drivers to pull over when necessary.

Traffic fatalities are on the rise nationwide

West Virginia isn’t the only state that has issues with car accidents. According to the study, traffic fatalities have been on the rise nationwide since 2013. In fact, overall traffic accident death rates have risen 13% in that time span. And many of those fatalities occurred in West Virginia. Of these deaths, 28% were caused by speeding, and 13% were caused by distracted driving.

West Virginia traffic fatalities have decreased

Not all of the news in the study was bad. Although West Virginia is one of the worst states for car accidents, it has actually seen a seven percent decline in traffic-related deaths since 2013. This makes West Virginia the sixth most improved state in this area. 

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