Christmas Travel

AAA is, once again, predicating higher-than-usual travel rates this Holiday Season. If you plan on hitting the road, anticipate heavier traffic and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

You can help prevent causing a car accident this Holiday Season by:

  • Avoiding all forms of distraction including cellphones, on-board entertainment systems, and GPS
  • Obeying all traffic signs and signals including speed limits and passing regulations
  • Allowing a two-car gap between yourself and any motorists in front of you
  • Keeping a calm and level head, even when faced with frustrating driving conditions
  • Never drinking alcohol or using drugs before getting behind the wheel

Following these steps can help ensure you, your loved ones, and everyone you share the road with arrives safely to their celebrations.

Of course, your actions cannot prevent others from behaving poorly and, inevitably, car accidents will occur as traffic increases. If you or someone you love is involved in a car accident this Christmas Season, the West Virginia personal injury attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore are here to help you get the justice you are due.

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