Bus Accident in Sophia

Around 2:25pm on October 15th, an SUV ran a stop sign and slammed into a school bus in Sophia, West Virginia. There were no deaths, but several school children required hospitalization following the accident.

As of yet, police have not identified what prompted the driver of the SUV to ignore the stop sign, an action that led to the t-boning of the school bus. However, it is likely safe to assume that, regardless of the reason, this driver will be held criminally liable for the accident.

Criminal charges often follow auto accidents, but these charges fail to account for the financial, physical, and emotional suffering of victims. While insurance companies may offer paltry settlements, the only way to ensure proper compensation is with the help of an experienced auto accident attorney. The West Virginia attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore have decades of combined experience helping victims of serious injury get justice and are prepared to take cases as far as needed to secure proper compensation for our clients.

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